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Lori Bosch & Jodi Wujkowski

October 10, 2023

Introducing Our Newest Design…Pickleball Social Club

Pickleball Players Love A Graphic Tee That Displays Their Passion For Pickleball

In the two years since launching our business—yes, we are 2 years old!—we have learned that pickleball players love a graphic tee that displays their passion for pickleball. We get so many great ideas from our pickleball friends and customers. We wish we could create them all! Some of our most popular designs in the past 2 years have been our simplest ones…PICKLE, XOXO, Dinker, and Banger.

The key to our success has been Jojo, who is a very talented graphic designer. Whenever we come up with a new idea for a tee or hat,

her wheels start turning and within a couple of days she has a design concept. The creative process can take a day or two, or much longer. The simplest designs can take the longest to perfect. Many of our designs are Typographic, which is the art of designing with type, fonts, letterforms, and anything else alphabet-like. Jojo used simple design elements and minimal colors to create our XOXO design which has been our top seller for 2 years. (Link to XOXO and photo or Mara?) It’s easy to read and visually appealing. When we add a high-quality bling effect with glitter heat transfer vinyl (HTV), it looks amazing.

Our Design Process

We print the majority of our own apparel using custom screen printed transfers and HTV. Our press is in Jojo’s lower level which allows us to move quickly on designs and set the trends in pickleball fashion. Jojo will tell you that she loves the design process because

“Whether developing a concept from scratch, or bringing an idea to life, my goal is to create designs that inspire. I get to explore different solutions through typographic choices, layouts, and printing techniques. Designing for apparel is new to me, but I love it.”

Not every graphic designer is open to input, but Jojo always includes me in the creative process. We also have a team of pickleball friends in our jojo+lo Focus Group who provide insightful suggestions whenever asked. After the transfers and blank shirts arrive from our manufacturers, we turn it over to our production artist, Paula, who meticulously produces all of our new tees. We are always so excited to see the first shirt hot off the press!

Our newest design, on a crew sweatshirt was created especially for our female customers, and we call it, “Pickleball Social Club”. It is intended to have a retro, country club vibe, featuring an oversized serif font. The green crest has crossed pickleball paddles with a pink pickleball floating between the paddles. The paddles are embraced with a laurel wreath. Jojo added “est. 1965” to commemorate the year that the greatest sport on the planet originated. Below the crest in large pink letters, it reads “Pickleball Social Club”. We love the bold yet feminine look, and it’s our new favorite sweatshirt for on and off the courts! Jojo and I chose a slightly chunkier sweatshirt for this design. To enhance the oversized look, a size Large is the perfect fit for us. When we wore it to our pickleball club for the first time, our friends fell in love with it, and it has been selling out quickly!

You can order our new Pickleball Social Club Crew Sweatshirt today online at for you and your favorite pickleball girlfriends. If you’re headed to Nationals in Dallas this November…come visit me and Jojo in the Pickleball Central shop, where you can also purchase our new Pickleball Social Club Crew Sweatshirt and other jojo+lo favorite products.

If you have a fun idea for a new pickleball design, please feel free to email us at To see pics of pros, friends, and Jojo and I sporting our jojo+lo Pickleball Wear ~ With Flair, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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