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Changing the Image of Pickleball – One Graphic Tee at a Time

Welcome to the jojo+lo blog. I’m Lo and am obsessed with pickleball as is my business partner Jojo. Have you ever been in the awkward situation of trying to explain your favorite sport…pickleball? People don’t take a sport seriously when it’s called pickleball. Those who don’t play pickleball don’t realize that it is not only the fastest growing sport in America with over 4 ½ million players, but that it is a serious, very challenging sport. You can even make a living playing pickleball!  

If you google pickleball images you’ll likely see a lot of dancing pickles, pickleballs with smiley faces and stick arms and legs often on a backdrop of fluorescent lime green. Most of us have at least one of these shirts if not a drawerful at home. Jojo and I believe these comical images do not accurately represent the athleticism of pickleball players or how prominent and professional the sport of pickleball has become since its inception in 1965. Jojo and I came up with an idea that we hope will help change the image of pickleball.  

This all started when we registered to play in the 2021 Arizona Grand Slam PPA Foot Solutions Tournament in Mesa, Arizona and we were searching online for something fun and stylish to wear at the tournament. We couldn’t find anything trendy that we liked, specifically for pickleball, so we ended up wearing basic navy and white tops and skirts. We aren’t blaming our lackluster outfits for losing the tournament in two short sets but our fruitless attempt to find cute pickleball wear sparked an idea. We wanted to create our own line of graphic tees, tanks, zip-ups, hats, etc. for pickleball enthusiasts everywhere. We brainstormed together for weeks and came up with fun pickleball graphic ideas that we would love to wear. If we loved our designs, we were certain that our pickleball friends would love to wear them too. After a few short months, we started producing our own line of pickleball apparel and accessories.    

Jojo is an artist and a graphic designer and my career was in development, communications, and public relations. We pooled our talents and started jojo+lo Pickleball Wear ~ With Flair. Our mission is to create trendy graphic apparel and accessories, with a promise to our customers…no dancing pickles, no pickleballs with smiley faces, and no fluorescent green. In the past few months, we have had an incredibly enthusiastic response from fellow pickleball players all over the country who are loving our wide variety of trendy designs. Some of our lines include hipster, flair, retro, patriotic and our new state-ment line which features the shapes of states and the caption dink local.

We are very excited to be invited to sell our jojo+lo merchandise at the twenty upcoming Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) tournaments around the USA in 2022. We absolutely love making pickleball more fashionable and plan to continue helping to improve the image of pickleball….one graphic tee at a time.  

We are returning to the Arizona Grand Slam this February and we will have a booth with our jojo+lo merchandise. Our suitcases will be full of our fun new pickleball wardrobes which we are certain will give us the boost we need to play more than 2 sets!  

See you in Arizona! And please check us out at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.






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You guys are driven and so enthusiastic about your product. And I love it. Thanks for your dedication to the sport and taking it to the heights that it should be.

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