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Interview with Michigan Local Rising Pickleball Star—Teresa Tarn, APP Senior Pro

Teresa Tarn jojo+lo
Teresa Tarn is one of the most dedicated pickleball players in the mid-Michigan area, thus her meteoric rise in the world of professional pickleball. She just picked up the sport three years ago and is already winning tournaments at the 5.0 level, and is currently ranked 14th on the Women’s APP ranking list! Wow! She drills, trains and plays 5-6 hours a day and has competed in 27 tournaments in the past year. When she’s not wintering with her husband in Punta Gorda, she can be found at our local Towner Road Park pickleball courts nearly every day in the spring, summer, and fall. She is also one of the friendliest and most sincere people on the courts, evidenced by her recent win of the 2021 APP Senior Pro Sportsmanship Award! Teresa is very down to earth and always has time to chat with everyone and anyone on and off the court. She has stopped by our pickleball court when Jojo and I were playing just to watch our foursome and provide any advice that we were seeking. She is a student of the game and also an outstanding pickleball coach. Teaching comes naturally to her since she taught PE and English and also coached three sports for the Lansing School District.

Teresa has been incredibly enthusiastic and supportive of our women-owned business, jojo+lo Pickleball Wear ~ With Flair.  She calls and texts us often and offers to help in any way.  Her snaps and pics posted on social media sporting our cute pickleball graphic tees are awesome!  She’s so fit and pretty, and her radiant smile just makes our merchandise look even cuter!  Have I mentioned that we have the cutest pickleball merch on the planet? Anyhow, here is our interview with rising pickleball star…Teresa Tarn!


Teresa Tarn Dink Local FL

Where did you grow up + what sports did you play?

I had an amazing childhood. I grew up on a dairy farm in Mason, Michigan where my brother and I learned about the rewards of hard work from gardening and milking cows. We moved when I was seven years old to Holt, Michigan. My parents were very hard workers—my dad a High School Teacher and a General Contractor and my mom was an Office Manager for a US Senator. My parents were my role models and I gained my work ethic from them. We had a family cottage that we went to every weekend. My dad pushed me athletically so I was tubing and waterskiing at the age of four. When I was six or seven years old I was playing softball, basketball, and volleyball. My parents also bowled, so I competed every weekend in a fall/winter bowling league which turned into travel leagues and eventually I became a High School state champion. When I was at Michigan State University I was Academic All-Big Ten while playing softball—first and third base.  


When did you start playing pickleball + when did you become serious about going pro?

I started playing pickleball three years ago. Competition is in my DNA and pickleball filled the void that I felt after competing at the collegiate level. Shortly after covid hit, I fully realized my love for the sport and felt the desire to excel. I wanted to see where my athletic abilities could take me, and it has propelled me into the Senior Pro level. I have always been very driven, and I aim to master everything that I attempt. 


Teresa Tarn Senior Sportsmanship AwardGreatest pickleball accomplishment + next goal?
I was deeply honored to win the sportsmanship award presented by the APP Senior Pro Tour. I plan to continue my progression and improvement to get back on the medal stand, and I want to win gold in Senior Pro!
Must-haves on + off the court?

My bag is always packed with all of the necessities…three paddles, balls, water bottle, electrolyte packets, snacks, CBD roll-on, anti-inflammatories, first aid kit, massage gun, bands, roller, extra clothes, socks, towels and wristbands. I need all of it! I always pump-up before matches with my favorite music. I love to chill-out after matches hanging out at our pool or binge-watching NCIS and FBI.


Best advice you have ever received?

Placement over power!  (Hmmm….a new tee design?)


We will take that advice! Thank you Teresa Tarn for sharing your passion for pickleball, and your time and support for jojo+lo Pickleball Wear ~ With Flair!  Check out the graphic tees that Teresa is modeling…Third Eye Performance Tee, jojo+lo Logo Crew Tee, and Dink Local Florida Performance Tee at, and please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Teresa Tarn Eye On The Ball

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